Batch Export in Premiere Pro

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So I used to use Sony Vegas 9/10 to batch render out my videos. Until it started bugging out on me.


So now I'm using Premiere Pro CS5, and I'm just wondering if their is a way to split up a video (Explanation: I have a 20min video and I need to split it into two 10min videos) and then export them one after the other automatically?


Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. I don't know how to explain it better :P


Also what is the best export settings so that my 720p videos have good quality, and come out with a small file size?

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There's a blue bar near the top of the Time Line that you can move around, it's called the Work Area Bar. You can move that over parts of your video that you want to render, then press Ctrl M (and edit all the settings of course) and make sure you have "work area" set to render, not the entire sequence. Then press "Queue" and give it a second to open up, then do the same thing for the other parts of a video you want to render.

I use these settings for 720p:

H264 codec
60FPS (30FPS works fine, I can hardly notice a difference)
Field Order: None (Progressive)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Profile: Main
Level: 3.2
Bitrate: 5 - 10 Mbps

For 1080p, just a few differences:

1920x1080, Level: 4.2, Bitrate: 10-15

There's also a bunch of checkboxes, "Frame Blending, Max Render Quality, Max Bit Depth." I only use the Frame Blending, the other two I've never noticed a difference with and make the render last 3 hours instead of a couple of minutes. The file sizes are always under 1GB for 15 minutes of video.

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Ahh those settings are perfect!! 

Thank you MarioDragon :)