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SO! I have a problem... I'm wondering if I should buy BFBC2 now or pre-order BF3? BF3 is going to come out 10/28/11 which is roughly 4 months from now... and I'm wondering if I should bother buying BFBC2 since BF3 is going to come out soon... and I want to buy BFBC2 because I want to get the feel of the BF Series.

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Battlefield Bad Company and Battlefield are different series. I mean sure they have tons of similarities but they aren't the same.

Either way, I would wait for Battlefield 3. Bad Company 2 is great but the multiplayer doesn't last all that long, and neither does the campaign.

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I'd buy BFBC2. Yes, BF3 is comming soon, but that's likely to be filled with kids the first weeks.

I play BFBC2 alot. I have played alot, over a long time on PC. Not that long ago I also bought it for X360 (mostly for playing with those of my friends that play on X360). If you find a good server, and play with friends, it's awesome. I won't stop playing it before EA decides there's more money in shutting down the servers and doing something else.

The champaign is maybe only 4-5 hours, but it's alot of fun. The graphic is porn (on PC atleast), there's humor, and it's just generally fun. Even a decent story.

After BF3 has been out for a while, I'd get  that. Unless you want to post videos on youtube asap or something. When the new Call of Duty comes out, all kids will start play that, and actually good players can play BF3.

Battlefield, and Battlefield: Bad Company might be different, but it's basically the same. Only real difference, I think is that Bad Company had a single player (with story/missions). And just Battlefield just had multiplayer (and singleplayer was MP with bots).