Jared from the podcast

So what are your guys thoughts about him? i personaly really enjoy him and his epicness. I wish he would become a regular member.  He seems like a crazy fun guy who i would love to meet. haha he's like a famous actor for me.

Red_Baron2011's picture

he has a really recognizable laugh

Solifluktion's picture

I like all of the guests. Even Chad ;)

MarkOswald's picture

Ugh, I found his laugh really hard to listen to. He seems like a really funny guy and I do enjoy most of his comments but I can not handle that laugh.

Cooler's picture

Yeah that laugh is a killer. I prefer the podcast without guest.

FratasticVoyage's picture

JRod Sheen Estaves

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I like guest when they help move the podcast along but when they get more than two guest its just a cluster fuck. Jared's laugh is just something I got used to so I don't really mind.

Puit's picture

Its okay i guess i like it when its just john and dan though

Red_Baron2011's picture

Actually the more I listen to him he's quite hilarious. I say more Jared "SHEEN" Estavez hahahahahaahhaahhaahahaahhaahahahahaahah *stoner laugh*

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I love them all, but mother fucking CHAD is awesome!