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Hello WGG community,

I just had two quick suggestions to make, let me know what you think about them and Dan and John, tell me if you think those are good ideas or if they would work based on your experience.

1- Add a "Currently working on" and "Will work on next" section in the Users Profile.  This would tell other users what guide creators (especially Dan or John) are currently working on and what they are planning to work on next.  It would be great to let us know something great and entertaining is coming and it wouldn't take a lot of time to implement or keep updated.

2- Add a "Guides you would like to see" section in the Forums.  This one I'm not too sure about... I have a feeling this would just be a mess of a forum..  Anyway, I'm personnaly working on Uncharted 1 right now and I would really like to see one of you guys (or a guide contributor) do a commentary video walkthrough of it because youtube doesn't have any decent guide of it and WGG only features a Treasure Guide... Anyway it would be nice to have some sort of way to ask for old or new game guides (maybe in the form of a poll) that seem to be missing on here.

Let me know what everyone thinks about those.  If this has already been asked, then I apologize, but if not, please discuss !

Cheers !

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