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Recently while trawling through pages and tidying things up I found a fair amount of duplicate game pages, an example of this being FIFA 13 having two pages (the urls being fifa_13 and fifa-13). One of the pages had been created legitimately for putting guides and the like on, and the other was used to promote a completely different website specifically dedicated to FIFA walkthroughs, essentially advertising. There may even still be some and if there are don't hesitate to point them out to me.

Ideally, to prevent this and save me the effort of finding them and removing them (not to mention that as the gamelist grows it will become increasingly difficult to locate them), as I found a few more of these duplicates with no real objective other than advertising another site, perhaps we could have certain 'barriers' put in place.

My suggestion would be to completely remove any possibility of posting offsite links in the wikipedia page. Obviously youtube would be an exception and we would need to look into image hosting options as a lot of pages images are directly ported from other sites, but aside from this do we really need to see other websites advertised in the wiki? Blogs would be unaffected by this of course.

Additionally, can we have some sort of duplicate checker where if a game already exists, it cannot have a duplicate created (whilst the urls for the FIFA example were different, the games were both listed as FIFA 13, surely this could be prevented so that a message comes up saying 'Game already exists in the database' or something along these lines.

If these suggestions sound alright then we would need to filter all the already existing data so that it can be edited to match the new 'rules'. Images hosted off-site would need to be re-uploaded and any links to other websites that are legitimate (in almost all cases it wouldn't be as any advertising people wish to do should be done on the forums or another place, not in the wiki) such as linking to a google document spreadsheet for a game or other similar occasions would need to be sorted.

Hopefully all of this is clear and if there are any suggestions and/or questions please post them and bear in mind that at the end of the day I would really love a solution as the time I have spent sifting through the wiki to remove the 'excess fat' is time I would have loved to have been doing something more interesting (such as watching some of your lovely play-throughs and getting them published to the site :))

Thank you for having the patience to read this.

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So the way I'm reading your post is that there's 2 problems going on:

  1. Unchecked spam posts and links
  2. Duplicate game pages (regardless of intention to spam or simply an accident)

For the first problem, I just created a new page for moderators that's listed under Mod Links on the left side called All Links. This page works very similar to the All Comments with Links page in that it simply lists any page that has an link (excluding links to YouTube). Hopefully this will make it easier to find spam links.

The second, duplicate content issue is quite a bit harder to filter. And unfortunately, I just don't have the time to fix that during this busy season. I tested out some duplicate content filters a while ago, and the plugins did not work well. If the Drupal plugins have been updated I will give them another shot. I put this on my website todo list, but I know I won't be starting any major site upgrades or projects until January .

Thanks for the feedback,


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I have sent you a PM with two pages that will highlight the exact problem with the duplicate pages. The all links tool seems to be giving me all recently posted guides though as the guide page links to the guide sections, it doesn't seem to exclude linking to other parts of the WGG site.

I will try to keep on top of the problem however.

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