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Does normalizing the audio of a file do the same thing as Dan and Jon's "Levelator"

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The short answer is yes.

Normally, audio files have lots of dynamic range with highs and lows, but normalizing the audio reduces the amount of dynamic range. The lows are made higher, and the highs are, you guessed it, made lower. In this context, its used to keep the volume consistent. If not, when game sound got louder or quieter, your voice could change which is really aggravating as the listener. Part of the process in the "Levelator" program involves audio normalisation, but also uses Compression and Limiting, which might not be used in "Roxio Sound". The end result should be VERY similar though!

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i have the Roxio pc game capture setup and with the editor part of it for some reason it makes my mic audio sound all roboty like if you use a voice changer toy or something if you can help please check out my channel ( zeldamaniac99 on youtube ) so you can hear it ( almost every video except turtle dance party )

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