Looking for a recorder on PC

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I'm trying to find a good recorder, that I can use on PC. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and my budget is up to about $100. However, I can not guarantee $100 so link me to more than one product.

I was thinking about getting Fraps.

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I support Fraps.

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Fraps is probably the best PC screen capture program out there.

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dxtory is way better than Fraps and there is no 4gb limit

Some of my files had around 200gb(avi format of course)

plus you have a lot more settings to choose 

lookt it up on youtube to compare fraps and dxtory

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As an argument, that annoys me. I like having it split up in 4GB's, it means less chance of the whole thing being corrupted, which I believe is the reason Fraps has a 4GB limit. It didn't always.

Also, it costs $43 for Dxtory, $37 for Fraps, and Dxtory has a bunch of e-mails you aren't allowed to use. Whoever wrote the site also needs to hire someone who can make things clear in English, as that would confuse many people who are just getting into recording.

I still say Fraps is better, but this is an old thread...

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