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I recently built a new PC and decided to record a test video with FRAPS. This is my first time trying to make a video to work properly with the YouTube player (ie proper video width/height,etc). I was looking for a second opinion on the quality and possible suggestions on how to make future recordings even better.


Sorry for the long video length I just threw all the video files I recorded together.

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Not bad video recording.  What kind of video editor did you use to put together the videos?

Everyone has a different style of making videos and posting them up.  I'd say find an objective to your videos you want to make.  I do the same for the videos I post up.  Listen to other opinions and criticisms for every video.  And don't be afraid to try something new and different.  It makes you a better director and it smooths out the rough and rookie edges.

You'll learn and grow after every video you make and post.

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