Wondering if anyone is interested in selling me a laptop?

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My current laptop that I use for game recording, STEAM, editing etc stopped working. I'm wondering if anyone is selling a decent laptop used online, I figure the WGG community is into tech quite a bit and especially the guide makers on the site. I'm looking for just an okay laptop that I can run my dazzle DVD recorder and maybe run some good STEAM games like TF2 and Portal 2. I'm looking for something under $100 I'm sure some of you have some old laptops lying around that you would like to get rid of.

My old gateway laptops specs were nothing fancy but something in this general area would be highly appreciated, I still have my 500gb harddrive so memory is not  a problem.

4gb ram

AMD dual core 2.0 ghz (i believe)

1366 x 768 screen

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