The Super Soul Bros - Video Game Music

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Whattup guys and gals.  I just recently played a 3 day event at San Jose's Fanime convention with my project band The Super Soul Brothers.  We did funky versions of 8 bit music and other video game tunes...this is all recorded live, so it's bootleg quality, but I hope you guys like how we arranged the tunes. We also got video footage that is being edited, hopefully it'll be done within a month or so.  I know there is another band called Power Glove that does more rock/metal versions of the music, but we're like the funk/jazz/soul/hip hop equivalent, lots of burning solos... 

Some of the songs we did includes: Underworld (Mario), Chemical Plant (Sonic 2...lots of shreddin in this one), Mario Circuit (Mario Kart Snes...more shreddin), Rainbow Road, Snowman (Earthbound), Mysterious Forest (Zelda), and etc.   

It'd be cool if you guys could offer us suggestions on what songs we should tackle next.  I think we are going to try to get some studio time to record studio quality takes of some of these tunes as well.

Anyway, cheers you guys.  Here it is

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