Christmas Gifts!

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What were some of the gifts you got for Christmas, or the best ones? My best (and probably favorite of any Christmas) is this Super Star Destroyer, which took 11 straight hours of building to put together. I'd put the image here but my phone takes ridiculously large photos.

My others were a fancy Parker Fountain Pen, a Ferrari Watch (Swiss made of course), an expensive violin, and $150.

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New gaming computer, Razer Naga mouse, Razer headset, $160, Black Diamond ring, Gears 3 shirt, Diablo 3 shirt, Slipknot shirt (already had), Halo Reach shirt (already had), Wireless controlled helicopter, Battleship, Some other game boards (Poker, chess, etc), Skyrim, League of Legends points, RAGE, and candy.

This beat my old Christmas record.

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