Let's Interactively Play (Drink Along..Dan write a better one) !!!

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I am/was a big fan of "Let's Interactively Play Morrowind" done by Veriax on youtube.  The concept is a brilliant and simple one.  However you need to play games with huge sandboxes (Rockstar, Bethesda).  Get tanked and play according to the comments, let the objective + your BAC determine the length.  Use livestreams or youtube/website comments to lead you to the next objective.  The bigger the sandbox the greater the possiblilites.  For instance Veriax recorded a session where he was asked to collect 22 forks, build a pillow fort, etc.   He did this for years but only managed to keep a 10k viewership.  Problem was it was morrowind and it was done YEARS after.  If he did that with Skyrim he'd be just as popular as anyone who posts minecraft videos.  Just a thought.  

-Been watching since Gears2



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