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Hey there WGG Community.
Well iv'e been on the site for well over a year now but i never really introduced myself. I live in America's hat as john would say hah aslo known as Canada, Graduated High School about 2 years ago now i'm trying to get a Screenprinting business going. I've been and avid fan of the 2 chimps(Dan & John) since way back in the NGW days when i came across John's Rainbow six Vegas 2 guide and iv'e been hooked ever since. I may have spoken to some of you in there live streams i usually go by the name Canuckler but i made this account before i had that name but all of you guys can just call me Canuckler. I really enjoy the community we got here its one of the best, so i thought it was a bought time i do an offical introduction. look forward to talking to you guys. Thanks.

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Welcome Canuckler,

I have been here four 5 years and have been signed up here for almost 2 years. i hope you have had a great time for all the years you have spent here. I just want to say welcome and thank you for posting.


Alex P (doubledare100)

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