Has it been two years?

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Two years is a long time,

It has been two years since i made this account and i have done nothing with it. I made my first forum post just a week and a half ago. I made a promise when i made this account, i promised myself that i would contribute a lot to this website: whether it was making videos when i got a job and made enough money to do so, or just by commenting on forum posts and helping this website grow into a larger community.

But no, i have not done that what-so-ever and i may have some ideas as to why i have not done said things. But i want that to change, i want to meet new people on here, i want to hang out with the Wikigameguides community on my xbox360 (i don't have steam or a ps3) :(.  I want to start anew, so i'm making this promise to myself and on the introductions page; i will be doing a lot more to help out on this website and hopefully making new friends as well.

To all the future memories,

Alex P (doubledare100)

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