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Hey guys,

I've been watching and following Dan and John with WikiGameGuides (NextGenWalkthroughs) ever since the Hitman: Blood Money guide which I believe is around 5 years ago now. As far as interaction with the site, this is next to zero; other than sending the Spolsion Man doughnuts song to John as an opener 3 years ago for the very early days of the pod cast.

I've been more of a sit back and enjoy the entertainment of the pod casts, live streams, drink along's and not to forget sweatpants diaries (still waiting for episode 5! *hint*) I registered for WikiGameGuides the day the site opened and swore I would start contributing at some point. My exam season has finished I want to get involved but, I'm next to new on the whole interface WikiGameGuide works from.

I was wondering if someone could take the time to give me guidance around the interface or point me in a direction to start. I assume the site is incredibly user-friendly but when I used it day 1 the site was stripped of posts and now a year or so later, all of the blog posts are a little overwhelming and it is hard to find where to start. Just wanted to stop by and say hey.


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