XIM3 keyboard and mouse adapter for xbox 360

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OK, so this device has been out for nearly a year now and it hasn't been getting enough hype.  If you are familiar with other adapters such as the XFPS you will know that adapters were pretty much a lost cause, and those PC gamers looking to get in on some console action won't because there isn't a solid adapter on the market. 

The XIM3 is here, though, and it is phenomenal.

Being an old school PC gamer and a hardcore console gamer I really haven't had any problems with using either KB/M or controller.  I am used to both.  I have always understood the distinct advantage that KB/M has over controller but through research I have found no adapter that got good reviews.  Then one night my friend showed me a link to the XIM3 homepage: http://www.xim3.com

Through the demonstration videos I saw how well this thing works.  I basically creamed my pants and had a perma-boner.  the only problem is that the XIM company was only able to make a handful of the adapters at a time so I had to wait 3 months till my order arrived (they have no supply issues now, though).  THIS ADAPTER IS THE BEST PERIPHERAL EVER MADE FOR THE XBOX 360.  Best $160 ever spent.

This beauty literally turns a console game into a PC game.  It works with any keyboard and mouse (I use a Logitech G500 and G13)  So think of it this way:  You are allowed to play with the reactions of the highest sensitivity with the sensitivity of the lowest.  When you watch someone with a controller play, it seems... "jittery."  This is because a little analog stick doesn't have the finesse of a 1 to 1 movement the mouse offers.  Watch the XIM3 videos on the homepage, especially the Reach ones.  The reticule literally glues itself to the enemies. 

This is my highly recommended product.  If you are a PC gamer who also owns an Xbox, this is a must for you.  If you don't have an Xbox because you hate controllers, this will make Xbox worth buying.  If you have never played Keyboard mouse before THIS WON'T MAKE YOU A BETTER GAMER INSTANTLY.  KB/M is an entirely different feel and it takes a long time to get used to.  for those of you that are used to it, and have an understanding of how the game plays, it will improve your game play instantly. 

Go to www.xim3.com if you want more information.  I highly recommend this product. 

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Can't decide whether or not this is spam, but either way, I've never noticed a noticeable difference in using a controller vs a keyboard/mouse. sure you can turn faster with a mouse, but some games (like Bioshock) just seem easier with a controller.

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Games tend to be designed for consoles more and more these days, what with them becoming so powerful and PCs becoming more and more obsolete. Obviously there are some games which are designed for keyboard/mouse (think about StarCraft VS StarCraft 64) but unless it's something fast-paced like a competitive shooter or something particularly complicated, I prefer using a controller where everything's condensed and within easy reach.

So sorry, guy, but no sale.

Also, I don't think this is spam, but I can't say I'm entirely sure.

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I realized it sorta seemed like spam when I wrote this.  That and I was pretty high, but regardless it is a great product that relatively few people have heard of.  I already have a few friends that have bought one because the lack of a product like this has kept them from being console gamers. 

There are games where having this adapter won't really make a difference and won't make the game play like a PC game (gears, mass effect, bioshock... well actually I found the aiming in Bioshock easier by far but not the weapon/plasmid selection) but for games like Halo, COD, Battlefield, you know, the big FPS titles it definitely makes a huge difference. 

I agree about having the controls condensed, though.  The biggest hassle is that I have gone from a wireless controller to something with 4 wires.  Shit getting all tangled up is a constant problem as is packing to go to a friends house (at least I have a wireless headset now) 

In the end I find it worth it because in games like Halo and COD (the little that I play COD) I do a lot better.  I was already averaging a 2 k/d each game at least but once I got used to the XIM3 I am constantly dirty.  There was one night I had 8 straight 25+kill 5-death games in SWAT and nearly as good in snipes.  Just for the hell of it I added up kills and deaths over the last month and I have a 4.23 K/D across all game types in Reach. 

The $160 price tag is a little steep I think and may discourage many from getting it but I feel that there are enough PC gamers out there that will find it to be just the thing for them.  The sole point of this post was to spread the word of it and possibly bring some of those PC gamers over to the console. 

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