Why are Bond games good but other movie based games bad?

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I have played the James Bond games exenstively over the years from Goldeneye to Quantum of Solace, I haven't played 007 legends. They are games that truly convey the style, personailty and mood of a Bond game. Tomorrow Never dies was a great adaptation of the film, Goldeneye as well but, it took it to another level by changing first person shooters while retaining the Bond elements. Then Everything or Nothing built story and characters from scratch as if it came from an actual Bond film.

Other film franchises have not translated very well to video games. For the most part games who are tied to a video game usually suck. The Transformers games, ET, etc. I think the Bond games always have some sort of freedom when it comes to development. They can make the game what they want as long as it somewhat follows the Bond film or element. What do you think?

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It's mostly down to a very condensed development cycle. The releases usually coincide with the release of the film they are based upon and as such the developers are always pressured into working fast. This means cutting corners, usually resulting in repetitive gameplay or levels.

Also, not all film based games are bad: Toy Story 2 is one of the standouts for me, that game was fucking incredible.

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