Why I Now Hate Halo

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Let me tell you I USED to really enjoy Halo because it was fun, smooth, and not glitched up as hell, until Halo CEA was released. Would you buy a pile of shit with a pretty bow on top of it for 40$, because 343 Industries apparently thinks it's a bargain. When I got it for Christmas, I was about ready to pull my hair out for how fucking bugged this game is. 343 supposedly worked "hard" on the graphics, well I can barely tell the difference between the old version and the now one. I now am selling all the Halo games I own and will boycott Halo 4 and any other steaming pile of shit 343 releases.

Flame me or agree with me, I could really care less.

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I'm not really sure what you said. Did it have the same graphics because you had the old graphics setting on, or is it because it looks and feels exactly like Reach but with Halo 1's levels? Either way, Halo 1 is the only good Halo, but there's no way I'd buy the same game twice.

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