Which game should i get next?

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Hey everyone,

So I've gotten really bored over the last couple of weeks, and I kind of want some new games. I've narrowed my choices down to these 4 games:

Assassins Creed Revelations, Dark souls, Battlefield 3, and MW3 (skyrim im gonna borrow from a friend)

So I am definitely getting assassins creed just because im so in love with the series. 

All of my friends are playing mw3, but ive played it and i felt it was kind of boring. I played the Battlefield 3 demo and it was amazing, I really enjoyed the feel and realistic vibe i get from the game, but nobody i know has it. And dark souls seems great, and i think it would entertain me for a while, plus i enjoy the challenge. 

Anyway, which of the 3 games do you think I should get? 

Thank you everyone, for reading and posting.

p.s. It's either these games or drugs lol. But i feel i'd get more out of my money if i get a game. 


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You should consider Saints Row: The Third. It's legitimately a really fun game, as well as being clever about being dumb as shit. It's not super long, and can be slightly repetitive, but it's awesome. Sublime, even.

Otherwise, even though I don't plan on playing it, I'd say Dark Souls, because it seems like the sort of game that could take you forever to get through, and is incredibly rewarding for it.

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Ya, I would have to agree with RPGeesus. Adding to that,between BF3 and MW3, I would say definitely BF3. MW3=MW2 and MW2<BF3 therefore MW3<BF3 (in both quantity AND quality)

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Personally I would get either battlefield 3 or Dark Souls.

Battlefield 3 is a super fun game anyway you look at it great single player and a really good multiplayer imo.

And Dark Souls is pretty much the same thing it has an amazing story(if you like to read if you don't then there is no story) and it has an amazing online only problem is it is peer to peer  so if you don't have have good internet connection you may get some bad lag.

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