Nitronic Rush - A Free Arcade Racer

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Hello gents. Wow, it has been a looong time since I've posted on these forums.

Anyways, I want to introduce you to a free arcade survival racer called Nitronic Rush. It's a really fun game and well, it's free. The visuals look like they were heavily inspired by Tron, the soundtrack is great, and you can do tricks and even fly with your car. Although you may overheat and explode when doing so.

The levels of the story are somewhat easy, but the real challenge lies in the hardcore levels where you get your wings clipped and the level design seems purely evil, and challenge levels, that are rather odd. There is also stunt mode, where one is placed in a closed area with many options for tricks and is given a 5 minute timer. Then there are also old levels, which I have yet to try and two user created levels, the first of which I have not completed because of a very very very hard, if not broken, jump and I haven't tried the second one.

The hardcore levels are very challenging but not completable. I have only ragequit on the first user level after trying a single jump for about 10 minutes.

Sadly there's no multiplayer, but you can download the ghosts of other people and race against those, and of course upload your own ghost.


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