Moving the Forum?

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I have to admit, the forums have not been a major focus of mine while running this site. And it shows...I rarely post on the forums, they aren't designed particularly well, and because of these two factors, the forums don't get used too often.


I had an idea to make the forums something I would use much more often, much easier to use, and hopefully bring in new members to our community, but it would mean shutting down this current version of the forum....I had the idea to redirect these forums to our Steam group here: NextGenWalkthroughs on Steam.

Steam is introducing a lot of new Community features, which is what inspired this idea. 


Pro Steam Forums

*Much faster and responsive
*More focused discussion (I think there may be too many sub forums on WGG)
*Better design
*If this Steam group got very large, it would be a great way to promote this site's content and our YouTube channel

Con Steam Forums

*Lose all the old forums threads
*Requires users to make another account/install steam


I'm completely spitballing ideas here. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions if you've been a regular forum visitor.

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I think people naturally started leaving because of the unfamiliarity, I haven't seen many of the old users at all...i mean they started leaving pretty soon after this site went up but now there are hardly any. At least on the forums,the whole site shifted (obviously haha).

 I think there have come to be alot of "browsers" on the site, people who are only here for guides or to contribute..and that is great. I was actually visiting quite alot after the site changed but eventually i could not overcome the lack of users on the forums,and i am not able to contribute much,anyway.

Anyone who's been watching since the move of NGW knows there have come to be alot more people here than on the old site...perhaps what you need to do is redirect them. I personally like the idea of moving the forums,but you could also move it not just to one place but have WGG as sort of a reference on other forums/sites as a place to go to for guides. Could you make something like a "WGG IT" button on sites like IGN,Steam,or even to vote that a guide should be made for a game,or make it more like a wishlist so that users of WGG (when they press the button) can add a game to their wishlist of guides?. It might be something best to leave for user generated content (like manually adding it to their wishlist) incase it's alot of work. You might get more people familiar with the name Wiki Game Guides and it might not come to be just a name but something more familiar. maybe on launch of the new steam community you could make a tab on WGG for it.

Well there is alot to think about,that's for sure...

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Does that mean the first account ever created (mine) on WGG (besides admin) will be deleted?! NOOOO!

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@Elitecreations Haha no, the same account will be used for creating guides and posting comments elsewhere on the site.

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I don't think moving the forums to STEAM is the best idea because I think it would smarter to keep it somewhere focused on this site then on a third party application. I'm not saying you shouldn't create some type of WGG forums on STEAM but, maybe you could also try some new Forum application or style on WGG. I never really liked the style every forum has post, reply old posts get buried etc. I like the game discussions and opinion sharing though. Maybe you could add individual sub forums for popular games like Gamespot does. I think a re-skin of the forum would be cool IF you had time this season.

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The forums could be streamlined a lot more to make what little discussions we do have more focused.

The introductions forum is pretty obsolete, there's not enough new members coming in to warrant it and a lot of people who introduce themselves there don't stick around for the discussions.

Betas are probably more suited to be posted on the site in the forms of blogs or something, and also in the Gaming Discussion forum, I think a sub-forum for it is kind of unnecessary.

Recording & Editing could be under the Game/Technical Help forum as recording and editing are essentially technical help.

Game deals and sales could also be under the Gaming Discussion forum.

The Achievements forum has a grand total of 4 topics, definitely pointless.

The Site Development section is fine.

With this taken into account you could slim down 9 categories/forums into 4. This would automatically make some forums more populous and generally would improve things.

I definitely agree with explicit_baron that the forums should be integrated with the site as that's a lot of the reason as to why the site exists, it's usability and complete unity in itself.