MW3 Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!??!!??!?!?

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While I am far from great in Multiplayer, I do however find it usually not the hardest thing to finish games on their hardest setting. To add to that, I have found game without the big names that were impossible on the hardest setting while some of the bigger name game were easier.

This brings me to my point about MW3. I feel totally ripped off after playing through on Veteran.

Yeah I died here and there but I have to give the Veteran Difficulty the rating of "JOKE"

I firmly believe they shipped the game without implementing the things needed to make this a challenge. It is like whoever tweeks the levels forgot to do it before it shipped.

There is no way that anyone who worked on this game played through on Veteran and said, "Yeah this feels like Veteran." if so they should be fired.

Here is where I will give an example of how some games do it better.

Gears 1 was tough and the final boss was punishing and I never beat it solo on Insane. I could get to the end on Insane but man the final boss was always a bitch on normal. Like many the glitch we beat him with had him stuck for an easy kill because of course he was stuck on who knows what.

Gears 2 was by far easier on Insane using a Solo run.

Gears 3 to me has the toughest campaign and the final boos will be tough of course unless I am lucky enough to have happen what beer had happen which is still ok and maybe a strategy in the end.

To leave this topic alone I will just say this. I went back on MW3 on recruit and I found I could almost not die. The enemy was standing in front of me and totally missed a whole clip.

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yeh not a lot of work went into MW3 story mode . seems that a lot of time was spent on the online play cause thats what most of the people who buy MW3 r gonna do. But to me seems like the online play is still the same and is kinda shitty . tell you the truth i bet half the people who bought MW3 didnt even play story mode yet ..

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Modern Warfare 3 sucked on Veteran, but Modern Warfare 2 wasn't much better either. Gears 3 on insane was really fucking hard though and I only ended up beating the boss with the help of a friend. I can't really think of any games in the Call of Duty series that I've had trouble beating on Veteran. 

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     Well, you must have some mad skills of you didn't find Mile High Club Veteran hard.

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