Looking for Interested Actors for Battlefield 3 Video

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To All Those Who Are Interested,

I'm Tophermen and I'm looking for those who are interested in taking part a small machinima I'm creating.

To begin with, this will be my FIRST machinima EVER, but I do have video capturing and editing experience. Check out my videos on my YouTube channel here:


The machinima is called "Leave No Man Behind." It requires about 30 people to film.  It will be on the PC. The filming location will be held on the Gulf of Oman map. The film will be about 5 - 10 minutes long depending on filming and editing. There will be no music involved due to copyright issues (I don't want to be flagged by YouTube and Google for using music that I don't have rights to...)

"Leave No Man Behind" is about a squad of Marines (4 men) who are retreating from a large group of Russian Mechanized Infantry. They are being chased and subdued. They are to extract towards the landing zone where they will meet a Huey and a Cobra gunship.

Considering when filming will take place, it will be held on the weekends when I'm available. I have a day job during the week...

I have checked out the location on the Gulf of Oman with a clan (Beasts of the East, they will be in it as well). I have a good idea of how it will run.

If anyone is interested in partaking this task, please PM me on my YouTube account, gurilla47 or PM here on WGG.

Thank you for your time.


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I really love the Whole mechanism of Battlefield 3. Its multiplayer modes are awesome and graphics are really good. The game is totally worth it. With my xbox 360 i cant figure out how to get some of the missions. like “going hunting” and ‘operation sword breaker”

I would say BF 3 is Incredible and on my system looks realistic as life itself.

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