How to make Let's Plays?

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I've noticed multiple high-quality, user-made, Let's Plays on this site, and I was thinking that maybe I could make one. Though not guides, as I suck at video games. Judging from the LPs I've seen here, I ask this: What's the secret? I've seen my fair share of terrible LPs, along with the good ones, and I want to make it worth watching (assuming I'm able to find a decent but not too pricey mike). So, what makes a good LP?

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I like the ones where the person recording is having fun and just messing around, since to me LP's aren't serious while walkthroughs should be.

I also only watch them if they have a general idea of what they're doing, unless it's a first-playthrough or something.

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Go for it make one. I think the trick is play anyway you want, but talk throughout the video to keep viewers engaged. I would love to make some guides, but I don't have $ or a capture card unless anyone wants to donate an old capture card for me or sell one for cheap.

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The trick is to just keep talking. Every Let's play I watch has a really bubbly, lively host commentating the gameplay. I also like it when the host's commentary isnt always about the game. Going off on rants or other topics is always fun and makes the video less boring.

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