Felspire Gift Pack Giveaway

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Felspire Gift Pack Giveaway at http://bit.ly/1EXIqiy

Getting tired of the endless grind in your everyday MMORPG? Is your time taken by work or study? Felspire does all the routine stuff for you so you can skip straight to the dessert ? PvP arenas, challenging dungeons and massive guild battles. Felspire lets you play an RPG like an action game and cut straight to the good stuff while leaving the tedious grinding for another game.

Gift Pack Contains:
2X EXP Potion (Bound)*1
10 million Gold (Bound)*1
Lv 1 Refine Stone (Bound)*5
100 B.Diamonds*1

How to Redeem Your Gift Code:
First, you’ll need to register a Felspire account if you haven’t already. Don’t worry, the game is completely free to play!
Register Here

1. Log in Felspire and create a character.
2. Click on the Hall of Rewards icon (upper right corner) and open the Gift Code tab.
3. Paste your code and get your free gift!

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