Dark Souls No leveling up Guide-What class should I be?

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I'm going to be a making a No leveling up guide for Dark Souls to contribute to the site and I want to know which class would be most helpful to people. I was thinking of using either the warrior, bandit, or hunter class since none of them can learn spells thus I have to give people some good advice not just use great combustion and your done.

Also when I make the guide would anyone be against me using Fire, Lighting, or Chaos weapons?(Since a lot of people think that they are cheap)


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I haven't played Dark Souls, so none of that makes a lick of sense to me. However, if it's a guide, then use whatever cheap strategies you want, since that will help you push through the game and allow other people with less experience and skill with Dark Souls to get through.

Unless you prefer honour, in which case, good luck.

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