Dark Souls

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Is anyone getting it for the PS3? Or the 360, it doesn't really matter. I'm just surprised there isn't a topic for the game yet since it's being released this week.

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I believe the majority of people, at least those who I talked to recently, say the first one was REALLY good but they don't have the time or attention span to go through a 40 minute castle only to die at the boss and then have to go through it all. over. again. And I do like how some people are attempting to make games difficult again, but they could at least add a checkpoint RIGHT before the boss and maybe make the castle a little harder and a little longer.

I mean, even the NES had remote checkpoints...

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Well, there was a way around that, though some people probably consider it cheating. And it was somewhat annoying to have to do. If you died, you could quit out of the game and then restart it and be exactly where you were before you died. None of the enemies will respawn, it's like it never happened. But again...Kind of cheap. And watching the startup screen gets annoying.

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This game is kicking my ass =P

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You, too? :)

I haven't had much time to play it because I was away for the weekend, but from what I played before I left...It didn't go well. Haha.

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Just bought Demon's Souls and honestly, I continue playing until I get up to a boss, and when I die, I just take a break since I take literally take FOREVER to go through those castles or whatevers, and dying at the boss just gets me frustrated...hahah

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I remembered my first Curse from Demon Souls, and let me tell you, I was PISSED!!!


I had it happen to me again in the Sewers in the Basement area below on the opposite side of the bridge where the red Drake is at (you need the Basement key near the church in order to get there.) The shittier thing about Curse now is that it kills you if you get afflicted with Curse, so you have to be really careful about avoiding it. Also it costs either 3000-6000 souls to cure it at a Merchant that has a Curse cure. If I'm not mistaken, there are two ways to cure Curse, one at the Gargoyle Bell Tower, and then there's one near the Basement area, at the back of the tunnel when you leave Firelight (or Firestone, whatever.)

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