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To coincide with the release of the WGG Com-cast, where we take gaming news and analyze it in depth, this thread is for community discussion off of questions we pose, suggestions you have to make the podcast better, or topics you'd like to hear brought up!

Here's the basic outline, to help get things going.

Microsoft’s New Music Service
•Could it be called Xbox Music?
•Prepping the waters for a smoother Xbox v. Next launch?

Will the Next-Gen Consoles Fail?
•When will the next gen consoles be released?
•Disk drives, used games, will it, won’t it?
•Is our Internet capable of handling all downloads?
•What else do we really need at this point? (Insane graphics, smaller footprint, more efficient, more media services?)
•10 years down the road? What about an all-in-one TV, console, set top box?
•Will we see motion gaming come standard now, be unable to get a SKU without them?
•What do you want in the new consoles?

Crysis 3
•What do you make of the overgrown NYC environment and bows as the featured weapon?
•Is the Stephen King domes with each having a unique environment gimmicky, or is it a compelling vector?
•Will it be one of the first cross platform games with the next gen consoles?
•Can they make gameplay more nuanced than 2: more than cloak, regen, repeat?

Can Halo CE Anniversary Start a Trend of Major Franchise HD Refreshes?
•What if old favorite titles like Call of Duty 1 and 2 were given MW3 graphics? Is that enough for you to buy them? Would you pay $40 for them?
oIf not, what if they added more content and expanded?
•What are games you would like to see fully rendered with the latest graphics?

Halo Fourgasm
•Will this be the last Halo game for 360?
•Will 343’s apparent new tactic of trying to be more emotionally connected and involved with a darker and deeper story work? Will it be their defining mark?
•Should his personality and humanity be left to secondary material, because that was Bungie’s approach and it worked very well?
•Co-op: normal and iconic Halo style, or more trying to copy Call of Duty spec ops with Spartan ops, both?
•They say that it will take place aboard UNSC Infinity, there will be plot for it, and that they will release content regularly. Is it a new iteration of episodic gaming? Having episodes as part of a major release, so that they don’t fall apart like previous attempts?
•Is trying to crowbar story into multiplayer really worth it? Does it matter? Is it just going to be a skin deep justification, and that’s where they’ll leave it?

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Also, just to tack onto what swu said, you can reply to one little thing we say or you can write us a 50 page essay covering everything we talked about this week, we would love to get whatever you want to send us or post here (though if you do actually get around to writing such a behemoth we might skim it...just a little bit.)  Alternatively, you can email us at with any comments and suggestions, thought and feelings, whatever you want us to hear. As I said at the beginning of the Com-cast, we are here to speak for you guys, but that means you have to let us know what you want us to talk about. We hope to hear from you guys, thanks for listening.

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