Borderlands 2 four player coop

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As we all know, Borderlands 2 is going to come out on September 18th. It is going to be epic, awesome, and most of all very very fun. What i would like to do is to play four player coop on the midnight release of this amazing game with the wikigameguides community. If you are interested in joining up with me on September 18th then please reply to this and we will kick Handsome Jacks ass and obliterate the Hyperion Corporation.

This is going to be for the Xbox 360, so if you would like to contact me on the 360 my Gamertag is Dis3asedG0d or contact me here on the website is fine as well and if possibly we can go through borderlands 1 together.

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I'm all for it. if you decide to do borderlands 1 let me know of a date and time.

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