Need a wireless router help.

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I currently have a wireless router that I'm not able to get working on my laptop. It was set up on my old desktop, which stopped working and won't turn on, I cannot recover the wep key and furthermore I'm unable to reset the router, basically it's useless. I need a cheap, good wireless router that I can use just for my laptop and PS3.

I'm pretty sure I know how to set up the wireless router with my laptop and get it to work so I don't have to be hardwired to the modem all the time. Any suggestions for a good router would be much appreciated something in the $15-$25 range new or used. My old router was a Cisco and while it worked generally fine I don't think they make very good routers.

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I'm not sure if there is any good router within that price range but I've had a good relationship with Netgear, this one in particular:


It's not cheap but apparently there's a used one for around $30.  Netgear, for me, is basically a simpleton's router because it gives a description of what each setting does when you're fine tuning it.

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Try switching your encryption to WPA instead of WEP. WEP is an outdated encryption system that can easily be hacked. Try switching it to WPA before trying to replace the router.

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