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Hi, I'm trying to build my own gaming PC for the first time and I need some opinions on what to buy. I've never had a great PC before, so even though I have an idea on what is good and what isn't, I still don't really know. So far I've mainly been looking at graphics cards, but I also need recommendations on stuff like CPU's, motherboards, memory, cases, power supply, etc. 

From what I've seen online, the AMD Radeon graphics cards are the best and the AMD Radeon HD 5770 is the best for cheap, but I don't know, I've never had experience with graphics cards. I've heard of Nvidia GeForce too, are those any better?

I'd like to know, what graphics card do you all have or recommend? How much does it cost, how good is it, and what games can you play on their highest settings with it?

Also, I haven't even dove into CPU's, motherboards, memory, cases, and power supplies. What are your recommendations for all of those? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. 

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You'll hear all the time that Nvidia is better than AMD and AMD is better than Nvidia. In my experience, Nvidia is better for multiple graphics card setups, AMD is better for single card setups, and both are the same for pretty much everything else.

There are tons of guides out there on building a computer, and choosing the parts can be difficult since they change constantly. Here's a list of parts and prices, along with other tips for building computers. As the image says many times, doing your own research is the best thing you can do to help yourself.

For guides, I would recommend the tutorials by Newegg.

For buying the parts, Newegg and Amazon are great for America, NCIX for Canada, and I have no idea for other countries.

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