Video Walkthrough - Saw


A Shotgun To The Face A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
I'm Looking For A Man To Hug And Kiss
Saving Amanda


Collar Introduction
Full Steam Ahead To The Boiler Room
Furnace Fun
Saving Jennings


Electricity and Water Don't Mix
Feeling A Little Gassy
BOOM Goes The Dynamite
Every Time A Guy Gets His Head Bashed In An Angel Gets Her Wings
Saving Melissa


The Room Is The Key
Traps, Not Just For Jigsaw Anymore
Creepy Mannequins
Saving Oswald


Slide Projector For The Win!
High Fiving A Frozen Hand
Circuits, Circuits, Everywhere
Saving Obi


Looking For Light Bulbs In All The Right Places
I Broke Into The Women's Wing And All I Got Was This Light Bulb
Is That Really How You Make Hamburger?
Saving Jeff


Here Piggy Piggy Pighead
Finding The Key To The End
Both Endings

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