Session 5 - Saints Row: The Third

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daaaaaang. Dan is on fire. screw the police!

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Well, that's a game killer. Let's see how things play out.

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To fix the glitch, try playing the mission on coop.  Try installing the game too.

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John was a little drunk for this session. Funniest session yet.

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After listening to Dan's rant about that douchey cop, I find it incredibly hard to believe that he isn't a bigger fan of Adam Carolla.  John, make an effort to reintroduce him to it.

Also, don't worry so much about being a dad.  You're sane and rational.  It's more than most parents have going for them.

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About that bug with the bossfight... i've read in a few places that you just have to play co-op


Clear the cache and play the game without the updates-(if thats possible?)

Hope the bug fixes soon  cause i love these drink alongs.

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Funniest. Episode. Ever. (Comic book guy style)

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Have you considered a Happy Wheels Drink Along (take a drink every three times u die,i am thinking about ur liver and brain)

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you should have played as tim tebow

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what makes you think shes a ho? look whats shes wearing says the rapist hehe part 2,  as far as the boss fight try only using single shots no charged see if that helps in the video i saw they didn't use a charged shot and got past it 

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I commented this on another post but South Park HAS to make an episode on the Tebow Effect!'s picture

Durn shame that the game's glitching out.

I say co-op would be a rather interesting experience, especially with the two of you drunk. You guys should try that for at least one part of an episode.

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that glitched happened to me if you want to wut happens when your dude say ah shit its supposed to go into a push button sequence

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Hey guys I had a glitch as well on another mission, what i did is i restarted the mission without just quiting it.

If it makes you feel any better this mission did't glitch out at all for me

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Whole new meaning to Tarr baby.

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Yeah you're both right. The police do suck ass!!! Can u actually believe a state trooper asked me once while he was patting me down if i had any hand grenades on me? N.W.A. was right. FUCK THE POLICE!!!!

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This reminds me of the Duke Nukem drink along glitch, only this time it's actually a glitch lol.

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John, im thinking you should try that boss sober and clean and once you beat it you can down a whole 32 pack.

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Get back on the horse guys. Drinkin by myself sucks. I need another episode. Oh and you should definitely do a live drink along. You guys really suck at remembering movies and actors. You need our help.... Great job guys very entertaining keep up the good work

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