Session 4 - Saints Row: The Third

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John the movie with Denzel Washington that you were talking about in the 2nd video is John Q

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hey u didnt glitch the boss it just didnt fail u out u have to shoot the crap out of him til he collapses and lets do a gow style attack

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It's heartwarming to know that the game might end, yet Dan and John won't. At least, for a period of time longer than any game in existence.

Happy Holidays.

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I've heard the ngw Myspace story about 10 times now i think and we finally know where the picture came from.

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Got my wikigameguides beer koozie just in time for Christmas. Thanks guys!

Thinking back, maybe skyrim would be a little too slow pace for a drink along. You guys should definitely do a first impressions though.'s picture

Oh, man, Saints Row 3 is amazing. Running around in a Tron-like Matrix as a toilet with a Megaman cannon... that cracked me up.

Keep it going, guys. You're the best.

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Great Christmas present guys. I just bought Limbo for $2.50 yesterday on steam and was thinking that it would be great drink along material.

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Did you guys hear about the kids getting suspended from high school because the Tebowed in the hallway ?

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Great drink along, fucking love this series, funny shit. I'm even finding time watching this on Christmas day.
Anyway, keep up the good work you sexy bastards.

Greetings from Denmark. 

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Seinfeld has a live audience laughing in most scenes, not a laughtrack. 

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dan when you siad that was an awsome dance in part 2 you reminded me of butthead from beevus and butthead

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Best dog movie: All Dogs Go To Heaven.

FratasticVoyage's picture

Correction: Best Dog movie: Best In Show

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Fallout 3 drinkalong. It does have some borning elements like Skyrim but it has awesome limb exploding fun. And if you get it for the pc you can just spawn in all the cool stuff like God mode. Or you could do a drink along of Fallout New Vegas and spawn in a auto grenade launcher and turn on godmode (wich turns on infinite ammo) and go around all civilizations blasting people away. I dont know, I think it would be a cool idea.

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depression session.... my brain just blew up all over my keyboard..... damn it you guys!

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Chris Hedges empire of illusion new school-youtube you will understand all of politics GO NOW

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this guy explains alot of neat thing including gerrymandering

very close btw

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hmmmm, take a drink for every video that has the same number as the session

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Speaking of Rooster Teeth, I clicked on a video on them showing the locations of Halo CE skulls. In the 2-3 minute video, they were literally laughing or yabbering EVERY single second.

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your point about laugh tracks. i watch how i met your mother and i think the laugh track in this is suitable for sitcoms but if you compare it to the big bang theory, you can clearly see that is over the top and one of the reasons why i hate it.

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dont worry john and dan i had the same problem happen to me it glitches at times i retried and then passed it acut scene is supposed to happen

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