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No "fister roboto" comment during part 14?  I am disappoint.

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Its great to see you guys getting publicity even on the saints row website. Btw it would be awesome to see a skyrim drink along. You guys could have a survey to vote on which race to play.

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man i laughed like a small child when i got mentioned at 14:50 on youre first vid for saints row the third thanks guys and i always gear up for your drink-alongs with a case thanks

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So is there a for sure Skyrim drink along?  Or is that just another drunken planning?

uncheckedcrowd's picture

i found my orange can in a 12pk for thanksgiving but i get a case for your drink-alongs i love them so much thanks for doing them 

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Solid drink along!  Loved your memories of old TV shows in part 17. What are your thoughts, if any, on Ren and Stimpy? Cuz I grew up on that messed up shit. 

Have fun in Las Vegas Dan, you best come back with a good story for the Podcast, which I am definitely looking forward to. 

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Hey John you need try and use the other shotgun because when you upgrade it it gets 3 barrels

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Skyrim Drink Along? It's like reading a goddamn book while you get drunk: not only a bad idea, but also a stupid one.

Needs to be a game with good ol'  mayhem fun, like a shooter. Skyrim is a game to play on sober shoes.

Now, as for that game... I don't know, best thing for now is to keep pounding The Third.

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The mystery driver that tests the cars on Top Gear is called The Stig, not Stag.

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Great drinkkkzsr alngg guys! i gotas SCHAMMMEREDDD

alsopost the music ploz

uncheckedcrowd's picture

haha "How many dicks can you fit in your mouth?" golden

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Hey, when are you guys doing the walkhrough for Uncharted 3? Really looking forward to it

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been playing saints as i watched

also something i noticed about the game the players dialogue is different based on which voice is chosen


also about the escort mission if you play with a coop partner you have to work as a team to pleasure the client

and if anyone knows how they can look me up on to see some of my screenshots

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Yeah I don't know about a Skyrim drink along. Drink Alongs should be for outrageous, silly, or just plain stupid games like Bulletstorm, Saints Row, or Duke Nukem.

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watched this to get an impression of the game to see if i wanted to get it .now watching so i can get drunk at work 

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Do a Simpsons The Game Drink Along, lots of game parodies

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You guys should make a character from It's Always Sunny.

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I love this these they just make my day!  I love your crativity for the charcters 


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Does Dan have any music other than mashups on his iPod?

xMANBEARPlGx's picture

sad, no more titty physics miss them big old titties already

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I dont know why it took me so long to figure out because I watch you guys all the time but if you play two videos simultaneously it sounds like any other drink along because you always talk over each other, bicker and bitch about random things. no disrespect you two are great

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@Captain_Morgan we've only been playing mashups because they are copyright free

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who wants a penetrator? ;)

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