Session 2 - Saints Row: The Third

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This drink along is the highlight of the year. And by the way, I love the finger physics in the game.

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wait what music are you playing in the background?

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I love your drink alongs! I watch them all (:
You guys are hilarious, great anecdotes!

~Emma, from England.

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me and saints row the third made DLCs with each other.

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Do you plan on making a Revelations guide? Your brotherhood and assassins creed 2 guides were really helpful especially for those "don't get detected" missions.

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Part 7:

I like John's idea of streaming on Twitch and reuploading to YouTube. At least that's how John made his Dead Space 2 Hardcore guide.

Part 8:

How the fuck do you not know how to work a water bottle? 0_o

Part 9:

I find it funny that John needs his daily podcast supplements, but I'm in the same boat. I find it hard to play games without some background noise like a podcast or livestream.

Part 11:

I'm not going to lie, Dan's Christmas morning wood story is pretty hilarious. 

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yea there are some parts were the sound is alittle ahead of the video, just trying to help u guys make the best videos keep the drink alongs going

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Anyone actually watching this won't report shit to YouTube. It's a mother fucking Drink Along! What do they think drink means? Chocolate milk for their autistic kids? Fuck them.

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The moment I saw you play as a blue person in the drink along, "Avatar" immediately came to mind.

God damn you, James Cameron, along with Michael Bay! You'll be the end of me!

Dunno if this has already been suggested, but, why don't you take a drink every time you get hit by a car? Either accidentally or on purpose? Now that we have all those "insurance fraud" missions rolling around.

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What Girl Talk album is this?At least i think its Girl Talk.


My char playing on pc 100% competed. Don't know how to upload to saints row website.

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All hail the morning wood :)

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They should've made the upgrade for the penetrator a huge Darth Maul style double dildo

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love these "take a wiff of the air" haha got to be about the only things i watch except the zelda walkthrough.

i made my can mount for my orange keystone can "take a drink!" 

thanks guys for these 

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nut : kid ratio low for heff 

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Yeah, a little music does help a lot. This game is hilarious. What do you guys use to record your games? Also, when will you be continuing your Dark Souls guide?

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One of the twins in the game is voiced by Sasha Grey if you didn't know 

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New drinking rule, take a drink everytime you see fire... and then hit someone with the dildo bat!

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can you say my name, it would be cool...

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God i love these there somthing to do in all of my down time

Titie physics  

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can u post the names of the mashups

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Frank from Always Sunny would be hilarious

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speaking of bets you ever finish your dark souls guide?

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dammit never sober when im watching these

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What do you think about Community Podcast blog?

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i agree with you guys about the relatable comedian thing living in miami FL. i really can realte to hispanic black and various other ethnic comedy because those ar the ppl i grew up with but i still cant find a women comic who is funny all the time 


when jesse was livin with you guys i bet a lot of conversations ended with "and then jesse fucked in her in the ass" lol

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A live streaming drink along! Great idea! DO IT!!!!

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Sarah palin? 

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