Session 1 - Saints Row: The Third

Session 1:

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plasmalaser1's picture

Playing skyrim while listening to dan and johns drunken ranbling. win

DeeManTurner's picture

just cant get enough of your humour, love the drink alongs and podcasts!

FratasticVoyage's picture

Im kind of disappointed in you guys, especially the way you represent your generation. Why? Because you guys are in your  early to mid-twenties, and failed to acknowledge Xena, Warrior Princess as a candidate. Huge tits, fights monsters, occasionally bangs He-Man, what the hell?! why would anyone miss that? 

Forgetting Cheetarah from Thundercats is one thing, but you should know better.

Dan, your sense of humor is very observational, and has great potential. My advice is to keep re-writing an idea over and over again, as if you were editting sentences on a college paper. 

I've started doing some sets in South Boston, so I kind of am getting a feel for what people find funny, and you're on the right track, you just have to work on articulation and delivery.

you know what you think is funny, you know why it sounds funny, so tell it funnier, and you'll always have a good show.

What do you call a blonde doing a handstand? A brunette with bad breath.

brodyitis's picture

Dan, the reason your joke about rape isn't funny is because it isn't relatable. Try not telling jokes from the perspective of a rapist. However, the gay masterbation joke was really funny. 

MAGPIE's picture

Take a drink every time you hi-jack a car by diving through the windshield.

JoesShittyOs's picture

The thing with Rape jokes is that it has to be fucking amazing to stand a chance, especially in front of a crowd of strangers.

It can't just be a chuckle

fifomag14's picture

I think it would be funny for the main character as Tobias Fünke

Solifluktion's picture

Damn those boobs are nice :)

deshan119's picture

boob physics.....................FTW

brodyitis's picture


That's a fucking awesome idea!

G.Leader's picture

too many missions, not enough penetrator buying

ladiesman44's picture

"I'm more curious to put an Everclear tampon up my ass than to see my own fucking hairy sphincter"

Milleniummaster18's picture

Drunk Dan & John and a fun game that isn't afraid to jiggle its boobs is the perfect combination.

Cheers to the tremendous beginning of an epic drink along!

TurMoiL911's picture

So I take it you guys aren't going back to the RAGE Drink Along?

Charlie Walker's picture

These are so fun to watch.

All the videos in a nutshell:.......Look at those boobs!.......take a that a quote.......Boobs........Take drink.......Glitch..........Boobs........Drink. 

thatguyinthehat's picture

we do refrigerate milk in europe (looks out of window at cows) 

Haters G0n Hate's picture

the keystone is definitely the car you should spend pimping out

NothingIsNada's picture

I beg to differ. Woman can to make good jokes, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Margaret Cho. As a woman I love strong crude humored jokes, they are hilarious. Also yes, touching on rape is a rough subject... unless you're Dane Cook.

P.S. I love these drink along sessions, because they are hilarious.

TurMoiL911's picture

^ Except Dane Cook and humor are mutually exclusive.

ryno9182's picture

U need to post new ones soon. So damn funny!!!

Superfly's picture

Just read my name...

Jon Snow's picture

so... in part 3 you're asking why the rapist is getting hard when he is about to rape someone?

... ... ... ... ...

maybe... because he's about to rape someone?

MadRazz's picture

I'm a girl and I'm watching this. I wasn't offended at all about the rape joke and it was mildly funny, but then again, I've never been raped (fortunately). And Dan's laugh is just priceless when he's drunk!

Phallentitan's picture

They just love that penetratior don't they?

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