Chapter 5 - Robotech Battlecry

Chapter Intro Cut Scene


5.1 - Besieged

The end is imminent, as Zentraedi forces now surround the small RDF base that you have learned to call home. While the warlord Zaraal prepares to launch his final offensive on Base 6, Wolf Squadron prepares for the onslaught to come.


5.2 - Showdown

As the battle creeps closer to Base 6, you have been ordered to fall back and protect the many civilian refugees, who have taken shelter in bunkers on the base perimeter.


5.3 - No Escape

Zentraedi forces have retreated into a series of canyons, lead by a group of Officer Pod units. You have been ordered to rush ahead of the Zentraedi in order to prevent their escape.


5.4 - Warpath

A host of Zaraal's forces are being transported in Reentry Pods back to their headquarters in Zen City. You and the remaining members of Wolf Squadron must thin their numbers before they reach the city.


5.5 - Welcome to Zen City

You have penetrated deep into Zentraedi City with orders to find and eliminate Zaraal. The Zentraedi warload is believed to have taken refuge within a crashed carrier located in the center of the ruined city.

Part 1:

Part 2:


5.6 - To the Death

In a last, dangerous act of defiance, Zaraal has used the repaired engines of his carrier to activate a fold space maneuver, which has taken you and a large portion of the Zentraedi City far from the Earth.


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