Chapter 4 - Robotech Battlecry

Chapter Intro Cut Scene


4.1 - Goodbye Graystone

The Zentraedi army continues to advance south toward Base 6, and the RDF can no longer protect the many outlying communities in its path. You have returned to Graystone to help evacuate the town.


4.2 - Narrow Escape

While hostile Zentraedi forces continue to overrun the town of Graystone, you have volunteered to escort a group of Sea Sergeant helicopters loaded with evacuees on their way to the safety of Base 6.


4.3 - Burning Bridges

Zeraal's forces are overrunning the wasteland, and many of the outlying towns are being evacuated. Troop transports are being used to move civilians from outlying towns to Base 6 for protection.


4.4 - Double Agent

You have been sent on a covert mission within Zentraedi territory, where you must perform an as yet undisclosed assignment.

Part 1:

Part 2:


4.5 - Hidden Agenda

An enemy Shuttle convoy has disappeared into the extensive debris field left behind by the war. Radar can no longer penetrate the debris field, and the presence of Scout Pods is suspected.


4.6 - Mutiny

After uncovering the location of the enemy Shuttles, you have followed them as they make their way toward friendly Zentraedi vessels.


4.7 - Backlash

Skarrde's data capsule has revealed the positions of Zentraedi troops all across the wasteland. You have been ordered out to perform strafing runs on one of the many Zentraedi columns now advancing toward Base 6. Time to take the fight back to the enemy.


4.8 - Lightning Strike

You have been sent on a search and destroy mission, with orders to hit a large staging area where Zeraal's troops have massed for a major push into the RDF safe zone.


4.9 - None Shall Pass

Small teams of Male Power Armor commandos have penetrated into the heart of the RDF safe zone, and have pinned down Destroid units stationed there. You have been sent to dispatch the enemy snipers before the RDF position is overwhelmed.


4.10 - Vengeance

You have pursued the Male Power Armor commander to an industrial district not far from Base 6, where he has since disappeared.


4.11 - Cat and Mouse

Hiro has disappeared after embarking on a recon mission within Zentraedi-controlled territory. Against orders, you and Izzy have "borrowed" a Cat's Eye and are hunting for your lost friend.


4.12 - Stormy Friendship

You have left Izzy's Cat's Eye behind as you continue the search for Hiro, which has taken you further into the heavily patrolled Zentraedi wasteland.


4.13 - Defiance

A shipment of relief supplies from New Macross city has been shot down en route to Base 6. Helicopters have been dispatched to recover the supplies, and you have been sent to clear a path for them.


4.14 - Attrition

After removing the aerial threats, you have proceeded to the surface. The missing supplies were spread across the landscape when the RDF transport planes were shot down, and must now be recovered.


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