Chapter 3 - Robotech Battlecry

Chapter Intro Cut Scene


3.1 - Rebel Revenge

You have drawn a peacekeeping assignment in Granite City. Violent incidents involving malcontent Zentraedi are on the rise, and Veritech units are often dispatched to protect the wasteland communities.


3.2 - Sabotage

Towns like Granite City were built in the shadow of ruined Zentraedi ships, a harsh reminder of the Robotech War. Now it seems that the vessel was the renegade Zentraedi's true target.


3.3 - Call To Arms

You and your friend Hiro are visiting the newly constructed Destroid factory, where units are manufactured to bolster RDF forces. Hiro is there to pick up his new Tomahawk, which is about to receive an unexpected test run.


3.4 - Power Struggle

The Zentraedi are raiding the Destroid factory's Protoculture storage facility. Loaded with Protoculture, Shuttles are taking off and are using the hills to avoid detection.


3.5 - Cat Scan

Commander Chase has concluded that an organized Zentraedi presence is operating somewhere deep within the wasteland. A recon Cat's Eye aircraft has been launched into orbit to do a recon mission to uncover the hidden Zentraedi headquarters.


3.6 - Trial By Fire

You and the Cat's Eye have started the reentry phase on your return flight to base. As your Veritech begins to superheat, the Zentraedi have followed you down to the surface, unwilling to let the Cat's Eye return with its vital information.


3.7 - Hostage Crisis

Rebel Zentraedi have launched a large attack on Granite City and now control a portion of the town. RDF forces have closed of any means of escape. Out of desperation, the Zentraedi have taken hostages to prevent the RDF from closing in.


3.8 - Daring Rescue

You have appropriated some transports to conduct the hostages to safety. Still in hostile territory, you must escort the vehicles as they drive to the safety of the RDF perimeter.


3.9 - Party Crashers

While on patrol, you have chanced upon Skull Leader, once flown by your old friend, Roy Fokker. New piloted by Rick Hunter, the Skull Leader is severely outnumbered by a host of Zentraedi enemies.


3.10 - The Road to Ruin

You and Rick Hunter have come to the realization that the Zentraedi force you encountered was heading for Granite City, where a Minmei concert is about to begin. The two of you have decided to fly down to the city and investigate.


3.11 - Deadly Storm

An enemy ace has been preying on Wolf Squadron lately, and it's beginning to take its toll on Base 6. Soon, few pilots will be left to defend the wasteland. You and Izzy have been sent out to resolve the problem.


3.12 - Graveyard

Izzy has been shot down during a conflict with Kiyora, ace pilot of the Zentraedi. You have broken away from the fight to rescue your friend, but Kiyora has followed you down to the surface.


3.13 - Little Mesa Massacre

You and Hiro have arrived at the frontier town of Little Mesa, and are surprised to find that it is under attack by Zentraedi forces. The town's comsat station has been jammed, so there's no way to get word to the outside world.


3.14 - Enemy Within

Returning to base after the massacre at Little Mesa, you have spied the wreckage of a Reentry Pod that escaped your counter attack. You have landed to investigate.


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