Chapter 2 - Robotech Battlecry

Chapter Intro Cut Scene


2.1 - Ambush Hills

A band of Zentraedi scavengers have been preying on the town of Graystone for months now, and they are becoming more violent with each new raid. You have been assigned to track down the scavenger party and to remove the threat.


2.2 - Trouble In Graystone

Graystone has come under attack by malcontent Zentraedi. The townspeople have taken refuge in the civic center building while the angered Zentraedi rampage outside.


2.3 - Special Delivery

A group of Sea Sergeant helicopters have departed Base 6 carrying a cargo of food and supplies to a remote frontier outpost, now under constant attack by scavenger bands.


2.4 - Destroids In Danger

After reaching the outpost, you have encountered a battle in progress between Zentraedi scavengers and a group of Tomohawk class Destroids.


2.5 - Unwanted Guests

You have been dispatched to the airspace where unidentified flying objects have recently been detected by long-range reconnaissance planes.


2.6 - Dark Skies

You have found that the Zentraedi fighter pods encountered while on a routine patrol were merely the escort of a much greater threat to the wasteland communities.


2.7 - Flood City

Flood City has been declared a 'no fly zone' by the RDF due to the high percentage of recent pilot casualties in the area, likely caused by Zentraedi renegades. You have been dispatched to make the area safe again.


2.8 - Knife's Edge (Boss Fight)

You have been ordered to continue exploring Flood City in search of the leader responsible for the Zentraedi's recent acts of aggression.


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