Chapter 1 - Robotech Battlecry

Chapter Intro Cut Scene


1.1 - Boobytrap

On the day the people of Macross Island were celebrating the completion of the SDF-1, the alien Zentraedi arrived in Earth's orbit, determined to take back the space fortress. You have been despatched to meet the threat head on.


1.2 - Countdown

The Zentraedi have bombarded the city from orbit, and their ground forces are continuing to destroy the city from within. After fighting the alien menace from the air, you have been sent in to help save the battered city.


1.3 - Bursting Point

The evil Khyron is leading a large assualt on the SDF-1. For the first time, the Omni-Directional Barrier System is used to protect the SDF-1. You are present to help the SDF-1 in its time of need.


1.4 - Force of Arms

Dolza, commander of all Zentraedi forces, surrounds the Earth with an armada of five million vessels and proceeds to open fire on the planet. You and the Robotech Defense Force are fighting a last, desperate battle for survival.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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