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Robotech Battlecry is a flight-slash-third person shooter game set in the anime Robotech universe. Robotech, for those that were born after the 1980's, was an immensely popular anime television series produced and distributed by Harmony Gold USA . The series is known for its use of mechanized flight robots called Veritechs, which resemble F-14 Tomcat fighter planes which can transform into a giant robot.

Essentially Battlecry is a flight game with a heavy mix of third person shooting. There are various stages that solely involve flying in both space and atmosphere conditions and there are several which rely on a third person shooting model. The game is rendered using cell shading, lending it to look and feel much like the animated series it takes it genesis from. For fans of the Robotech series, this game does an excellent job of putting you into the seat of a beloved Veritech. The controls are responsive and with one button, players can quickly transform in and out to any of the three possible Veritech fighting modes. Plus, the voice cast is comprised of the original U.S. television series cast, so players feel like they are really fighting alongside Rick Hunter and saving Lynn Minmei.

Released in 2002 and 2003 in the U.S., this game did a good job sparking interest in the rather dormant Robotech franchise. While the game does have some drawbacks and is not as good as an action flight game or solely third person shooter, its mix of both and varied level design make this a fun game and excellent rental.



Battlecry takes place in the Robotech universe, set specifically around the first series, the Macross Saga.
The plot of Battlecry centers around the character Jack Archer, who is created for this game and is not in the original series. The game starts at the beginning of the saga, takes you through a few major points, and then mainly centers on the last third of the Macross saga. Jack's story is woven through the series and he encounters many of the famous characters from the original series but towards the end, his story diverges from the main plot.

Veritech in Fighter Mode

The Macross Saga: Synopsis

For individuals that have never experienced Robotech or know its story, the Macross Saga begins the entire series and is basically a story of alien invasion and humanities resistance to them. During the 1990's, the world is engulfed in the Global Civil War, which saw countries decimated and gave rise to ace mercenary fighter pilots. The war ravaged on for a decade and was suddenly stopped one day in 1999 when an alien space craft crash landed on a southern island known as Macross Island. The realization of an advanced alien presence and the fear that they might one day come to collect their space craft, Earth united under one government and began restoring the ship, which was christened the Super Dimensional Fortress 1, SDF-1 for short.

In February 2009, ten years after the crash, Earth is about to execute the inaugural launch of the rebuilt SDF-1. During the ten years of peace, analysis of the ship resulted in a new technology called Robotech, yielding large, mechanoid robot technology and a fuel to run them called Protoculture. Robotechnology was then used to create the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) which uses the Veritech Fighter, a mechanized plane which can transform into three modes: fighter plane, guardian, or battle (robot) mode. Unfortunately for Earth, the launching of the SDF-1 was interrupted by the invasion of the Zentraedi (pronounced Zen-Trod-ee) who came to collect their missing spaceship.

From here, the story weaves around the fight between the RDF and SDF-1, the fight against the overwhelming odds of the Zentraedi, and the battle for Earth.

PlayStation 2
Third-Person Shooter
Combat Sims

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