Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer for the PSP is an arcade racing video game developed by Namco. It is named after the eponymous Ridge Racer video game series to which it belongs. The game was released in Japan as Ridge Racers. A sequel titled Ridge Racer 2 has also been released for the PSP.


The game features a total of 24 courses (12 unique courses and the same 12 courses reversed) most taken from previous PlayStation games or the arcade-only title Rave Racer.
[edit] Ridge Racer

The first two courses in the game are taken from the original Ridge Racer, although they also appeared in Ridge Racer V. They are both variants on the same course, each featuring different diversions part-way through.

* Seaside Route 765
* Ridge City Highway

Ridge Racer Revolution

The next two courses are taken from Ridge Racer Revolution and again are both variants on the same course.

* Sunset Drive
* Crystal Coast Highway

Rage Racer

Courses #5 and #6 are taken from Rage Racer.

* Union Hill District
* Lakeside Parkway

Ridge Racer Type 4

Courses #7 and #8 are taken from R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

* Crimsonrock Pass
* Diablo Canyon Road

Rave Racer

The next two courses are all taken from the arcade-only title Rave Racer. Their appearance here marks the first time these courses have ever been playable outside of the arcades.

* Midtown Expressway (based on Rave Racer's 'City' course)
* Greenpeak Highlands (based on Rave Racer's 'Mountain' course)

The final two courses are also based loosely on Rave Racer:

* Silvercreek Dam
* Downtown Rave City

However the exact course layouts of Silvercreek Dam and Downtown Rave City have not been in any of the previous arcade or PlayStation Ridge Racer titles. Although, in typical Ridge Racer fashion, they share (very small) sections of track from previous courses. Silvercreek Dam shares a section of track from Greenpeak Highlands (Rave Racer’s Mountain course), whereas Downtown Rave City shares a section with Midtown Expressway (Rave Racer’s City course).

Namco Bandai
Original US Release Date: 
December 12, 2004

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