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Chapter 1 - Home

  • As soon as the game starts, the journal is on the table next to Susan (Feral vs. Military)
  • Before you get to the firing range, this journal is on the bed next to the woman sweeping up (Postcard from Bogota)

Chapter 2 - Wanted Man

  • At the very start of the level, the journal is in  the second room next to a doctor working on a patient (Bite Protocol)
  • Shortly after the previous journal, this text journal is a few rooms later next to a chalk board on a desk (Note to Jon Harper) 
  • After meeting Tommy Dean, walk up the stairs in the house, and the audio journal is in a bedroom on the right (Leaper Bite)

Chapter 5 - Wrightsburg

  • As soon as the level starts, the journal is immediately in front of you. (Change in Strategy)
  • Turn around and look behind the main cabin on the boat after picking up the first journal (Ice Blocks)

Chapter 6 - City of the Past

  • While walking through the trainyard, you're forced to go through a red train and change directions. Instead, jump on some bails of hay and up onto a concrete platform, and the audio journal is in another train car. If you climb a ladder up a train, you've gone too far. (Staying Warm)
  • On top of another train car further down in the yard by some shotgun ammo. Before you lower the ramp and get in the elevator.  (A Tragic Paradox)
  • After the elevator ride, climb another ladder and it's on a bed in the corner. (VTOL Manual)
  • After taking the zipline, drop down and it's to the right of the garage door.  (Gotta Get Out)
  • After lowering the catwalk bridge, it will be in the next room on the table.  (Quarantine)
  • After dropping the bridge, go to the top floor of that building. Close to the exit of the building is a broken catwalk; jump across this catwalk to find this journal (Safety Violation)
  • After holding square to open the door, turn left and it's on a bookshelf.  (It's Just Me Now)
  • After you pick up the dead eye, it's to the right of the window.  (Girl's Best Friend)
  • At the top of the stairs, in a room on the left, before you hold square to open the door (Letter to Santa)

Chapter 7 - Friends in Low Places

  • After dropping into the tunnels, run forward until you get to the stairs leading up.  The journal is in a room full of bunk beds.  (Tunguska)

Chapter 8 - The Plan

  • After setting down the power cell, it's in the room on the left.  (Hale Vaccine)

Chapter 9 - Plan B

  • While escorting Charlie, it's in the back corner of the 2nd floor of the broken down building.  (Mass Exodus)

Chapter 10 - The Hunt

  • After dropping down into the train tunnels, climb up a small ladder and in the back is the audio journal (Just a Little Nap)
  • Very shortly after the previous journal, you make your way forward through a tunnel where you run into Chimera with shield drones. Hug the right wall and you will find this journal. (Journey to Hanover (Cooling Towers)
  • At the top of the same room as the previous journal, you can find this journal near the train tracks.(Journey to Hanover)
  • BEFORE you get on the bridge, this journal is under a small sign to the left of the bridge (God's Will)

Chapter 11 - Savior

  • After walking through the houses and crossing the roofs, you will eventually drop down into a new area that prevents you from returning. In this new area, next to a set of stairs, is the (Satan) journal.
  • After climbing the ladder into the church attic, the journal is along the right wall (Pure Chimera)

Chapter 12 - Satan

  • As you're running from the boss, you will open a door to a room with some wooden stairs. Under the stairs is a dark passageway, and at the end of the tunnel is a journal (Desperation)
  • At the beginning of the boss fight when you have to run through the small tunnels, it's at the far end of the tunnel as soon as the boss appears.  (Who's Boss?)

Chapter 15 - The Encore

  • As you're running in the tunnel behind the jail cells, it is in a cell on the right.  (Letter to Mom #1)
  • After entering the showers follow the left wall and it's in a side hallway.  (Letter to Mom #2)
  • After the power goes out and you enter the jail cells, in the 2nd major jail cell area on the 2nd floor in a jail cell.  (Letter to Mom #3)
  • After disabling the next turret and entering the guard stations, take your 1st left and it's on the desk (Letter to Mom #4)
  • After the sniper section, follow the guy through the door on the left, and you will see some wooden boards blocking off a hole in the wall. Break the boars with a melee or a few shots, and in the wall is the journal (Letter to Mom #5)

Chapter 16 - Retribution

  • After walking through the sewers and climbing up a ladder it's right where you pick up the cryo gun.  (Letter to Mom #6)
  • Immediately after the battle in the circle room.  (Can You Hear Them?)
  • When you go outside and run through the fight.  It's on the 2nd floor of the garage at the end of the 1st street.  (Letter to Mom #7)

Chapter 17 - Commitment

  • Right at the start drop down and it's on the left (They Are Coming)
  • After blasting the power rods and walking through the Chimeran door, go through the broken down houses on the right to find the audio jounal (Six Bullets)
  • After defending yourself from the waves of Chimera drop into the tunnels and cross the train tracks and go in to the room straight ahead (Bad Idea)

Chapter 18 - Wasteland

  • Immediately after the chapter starts, walk down one flight of stairs, and the journal is next to a human body (Particle Smashing)
  • After evading the snipers and dropping down into the apartment buildings, the journal is in the kitchen of the first room you walk into (Blood Bath). This is before you jump down onto the top of the elevator and drop down further.
  • After walking through the Chimeran building and then walking outside to a large, open, snowy area, you will see a downed airplane frozen in a lake. The journal is inside the plane (Fall Back)

Chapter 19 - Sabotage

  • After splitting up with sideburns and taking the right path, the journal is along the right wall before the elevator (Gray Matter)

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