S Rank Professional Difficulty Walkthrough - Resident Evil 6

Full walkthrough to getting an S rank on Professional difficulty in Resident Evil 6. To get an S rank on any level, you have to get an A rank for Deaths (2 or less usually), Completion Time, Accuracy and Enemies Killed.

Chris' Campaign
Jake's Campaign


Infinite Shotgun OR Infinite Grenade Launcher
Firearm Lv. 3
Defense Lv. 3

Campaign Unlocks Overview


Leon's Campaign, Chapter 1

Leon's Campaign, Chapter 2

Leon's Campaign, Chapter 3

Leon's Campaign, Chapter 4

Leon's Campaign, Chapter 5

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really cheap way to beat the game without any hard ship is getting unlimited pistol ammo and get head shot on every one .. it also adds a lot to your accuracy when you get headshots.. to get S rank i think you only need to kill the zombies that are in your way to the next check point .. my first play through i glided through the game using the pistol a lot ... i didnt even kill some zombies i just shot them and ran .. and somehow i got A 

Goldteddy's picture

Hah the deaths in RE6 is laughable.

Oh no the zombie is pushing me into a meat grinder (Leon going smoothly as butter into the grinder while screaming even though he went head first). Hell the deaths in RE5 was more gruesome than most of the deaths in the new one.

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how difficult was this guide?

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Just got this game and I think it's awesome. Thanks for the guide.

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