Drink Along with Dan and John - Session 3 - Red Faction: Armageddon

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What John was talking about in the first part was like a sauce the tasted like cranberry and its called cutny and it is like a South Asian thing.

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I like how your using the youtube player now. I hated the other player.

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In my opinion, the new player was a good change.

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It's funny, my best friend's ex-girlfriend became a stripper to get back at her father. True story.

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After watching video 3 I was wondering if going to the strip club is socially acceptable in America? Here in Holland we don't have a lot of strip clubs, and it's kind of taboo to go to one.

Maybe strip clubs over there are what coffee shops are over here. It's frowned upon by some people, but accepted in general.

Anyways, drink alongs are great, keep them coming!

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You should invite Jesse more often. He always makes me laugh.

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When I heard Jesse's voice I came gold.

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i don't know if anyone noticed but you guys ended on 1337 salvage at the end of part 4 of this session.


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Sounds like Dan wouldn't like A Serbian Film.

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