Tricky Treasure #9: Risky Ruin - Rayman Origins

Note: This level is first available after the "Scuba Shootout" level if and only if you have at least 180 Electoons (which means you must have successfully collected a bit over four-fifths of the Electoons up to that point).

In this video, I show you how to obtain the Skull Tooth for the "Risky Ruin" Tricky Treasure level of "The Angsty Abyss".

Now presenting: The longest Tricky Treasure level in the entire game! Though the tenth and final Tricky Treasure can technically be called more difficult, this ninth challenge is the most difficult in my opinion. The necessary maneuvers are not all that bad, but I've always found it difficult to keep your nerve in the underwater section since it requires you to act quickly and be precise in conditions where doing both of those is challenging.

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