Tricky Treasure #1: Can't Catch Me! - Rayman Origins

Note: This level is first available after the "Swinging Caves" level if and only if you have at least 25 Electoons collected.

In this video, I show you how to obtain the Skull Tooth for the "Can't Catch Me!" Tricky Treasure level of "The Jibberish Jungle".

Ah, the Tricky Treasures. Some get frustrated, but personally I love these levels and wish they were longer. I just love the grace of running full tilt while listening to a frantic tune and defying death at every turn.

It's not as obvious in this video as it is in others, but the fleeing Chest will speed up if you get too close. Essentially, this means that it's impossible (or nearly so) to open the Chest before reaching the end of the level.

As a bonus (well, actually, for an entirely different reason that I'll let you to figure out), I tossed in the Skull Tooth delivery animation and The Magician's text regarding The Land of the Livid Dead's entrance.

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