Miscellaneous Footage - Rayman Origins

For those of you who wanted it, here's a HD version of the music and dance you get for surpassing the Lum Medal requirements of any given level. (Also, it should auto-loop for your convenience!)


Believe it or not but, despite the various compliments I've received on my skill, I don't actually have all that many Platinum Trophies (or 1000/1000 G for Xbox 360 games). This is usually because many modern games include at least one time-wasting sidequest that I lack sufficient motivation to complete. Fortunately, Rayman Origins is not one such game, so I was actually able to a Platinum Trophy for it!

I'm not doing this to show off (because I don't care all that much about cosmetic awards), but I thought I'd still include it as a bit of miscellaneous content you could view. Also, the Back At You! Trophy is one of the few Trophies for this game that you are unlikely to earn without specifically hunting it, so I thought I'd toss out this "strategy" and let it float among the flood of similar strategies.

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